Can I get pierced with jewelry I bought somewhere else?

No, we prefer to not take outside jewelry for initial piercings. We can guarantee with AROBELA jewelry that it’s a safe material and will have adequate room for healing.

Can we order jewelry from you online?

Soon we will have this function! Sign up to our newsletter and be one of the first to be informed!

Could you please help me change my jewelry?

Absolutely, we are delighted to offer a complimentary jewelry change service for all pieces bought with us. If it is from elsewhere there is a nominal charge of THB300.

Do I have to make an appointment?

We will warmly welcome you if you drop in, if we have the availability, we will do our best to accommodate you. However, we prefer scheduled appointments to avoid any disappointment or longer waiting times.

Do piercings help with migraines, menstrual pain etc?

Acupuncturists do recommend piercings in the Conch, Tragus, Rook and Daith areas. The Conch may help with lower back pain and digestion, Tragus may stave hunger pangs, Rook may alleviate severe period cramps, and the Daith may help migraine sufferers. All of this is scientifically unproven, but many people have reported significant improvements to their ailments after specific piercings. Give it a go, there is nothing to lose!

Do you pierce children’s earlobes?

We appreciate that there are many cultures that like to pierce their children’s lobes very young, however, we will only pierce children from 8 years upwards.

Do you produce the jewelry yourself?

Yes, we do! We design and manufacture the jewelry in our factory in Bangkok.

Do you use a needle or a gun?

We use single-use sterile needles. Guns are not very precise and can cause further complications with tissue tear and cannot be sterilized very well.

Does it hurt?

We get asked this all the time, and the answer is that it really depends on the body part you are piercing and your own pain threshold. Lobes, for example, are extremely low to zero pain, cartilage is a little more painful and so on. The sensation is only for a few seconds and a little discomfort during the first stage of the healing process. You will be fine!

How many piercings may I get in one session?

We strongly recommend no more than 3 in one body session. Your body needs some time to heal, piercings are invasive, and we want you to be as comfortable during the healing process as possible.

I’m having issues with my piercing, can you help?

Contact us straight away. In most cases, we can recommend further aftercare or adjust the size of the jewelry.

Is jewelry included in the price?

Yes, we include jewelry. We use a premium grade titanium to avoid allergies and irritation. If you would like gold jewelry, we would be delighted to help you choose the right pieces at an additional cost.

How should I clean my jewelry to keep it sparkling?

Use an old toothbrush and some washing up liquid, or shampoo and gently brush, this should keep everything looking ship shape and keep the dullness away.

Is your Surgical Steel Nickel free?

There is a difference between 'Nickel contain' and 'Nickel release'. Surgical Steel 316L always contains 6-13% of Nickel. If someone states that Surgical Steel has no Nickel in it, that is incorrect since it would not be 316L. What is the most important part is the amount of Nickel release to the body, which should not be more than 0.5%. The European Nickel-free standard states that the rate of release from the parts of products coming into direct and prolonged contact with the skin should not be greater than 0.5 μg/cm2/week. In other words, these products should not release more than 0.05% nickel (no more than 1 part in 2000 should be Nickel). This rate of nickel release is even lower for piercing: 0.2 μg/cm2/week. Our products only contain 0.1 μg/cm2/week.

Someone has suggested I get pierced with Bioplast® - what is it?

Bioplast® is great for healing. It adjusts to the body temperature and not to the outside air temperature, like metals. Therefore, people getting pierced with Bioplast® have fewer swellings and infections. The healing process may be much faster than with any other materials.

What are the age requirements for piercings?

Please see here

What are the prices for piercings?

Please look at our Price List

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, card, Prompt Pay and Gift Vouchers

What is required to get a piercing?

If you are under the age of 18, we require your guardian’s consent. We will also ask you to complete a Health Declaration & Consent Form. We may ask you for a photographic ID so please come prepared.

What type or size of jewelry is going to suit me?

We are all unique. Every ear is different! This is what makes our 'Bespoke Bling' service so cool, we will get to know you, understand your personality a little better, look at what your style or favourite colours are and design you an ear (or other parts of the body) to be proud of.

Which titanium do you use?

We use Titanium grade 6AL-4V-ELI, ASTM 136 (also called grade 23).

Would you help me if I need to remove or conceal my jewelry?

Sure, we can remove your jewelry and replace it with a retainer, so your piercing remains intact.

You use a lot of Swarovski® components in your range. What makes it so special?

Swarovski® components are not only well-loved for their sparkle and range of colours, they are also known for their high technological precision cutting (14 facets) that gives the crystals an extreme, seductive and glamorous shine distinguishing them from cheaper crystals.

How long should I wait before swimming after my piercing?

We recommend at least 3 weeks before swimming with a cartilage/body piercing, you should be ok in the water after a week or so with a lobe piercing. Remember to clean afterwards!

How long does a piercing take to heal?

With good aftercare and a healthy body, healing times vary from 2-4 weeks for ear lobes, to anywhere between 6-12 months for cartilage piercings. Everyone is different of course; some may heal faster or a little slower.

When can I replace my original bar/stud with new jewelry?

Ideally, after the optimum time for healing. The jewelry you are given when you first have your piercing is shaped and measured to allow for ample healing and to give extra room for any swelling that may occur during the healing process. We will assess your progress when you visit us for your 3-week aftercare consultation.