Cookie Policy


Cookies are small text files generated by websites that you visit holding session data that may be of use later in the site. The data allows the site to maintain your information between pages, and to analyze the way you interact with the site. Cookies are secure – they can only store information that is put there by the browser, which is information the user has entered into the browser or that is included in the page request. They cannot run code and they cannot be used to access your computer. If a website encrypts the information in the cookie, only that website can read the information. Cookies are used by websites to keep your session as you progress through the site, keeping track of your interactions and whether you've logged into your account. They are used to display relevant products and services.


AROBELA website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored by your browser and allows it to remember information between web pages and browser sessions. Our website uses "first party" cookies – generated and used by the AROBELA website as well as “third party” cookies – generated on our site by third parties. They enable us to remember you and each part of your interactions as you go through the site. They also help us understand user behavior within our site, which allows us to improve the experience for you.


All web browsers allow you to limit cookie behaviour or turn them off. You can find instructions under the Help menu of your browser. Through your browser, you can also view the cookies that are on your computer, and remove individual ones, or remove them all.
Cookies are just text files so you can open them and read the contents. The data within them is often encrypted, or a numerical key corresponding to a web session so they often do not make sense to anything other than the website that wrote it. Disabling cookies will affect the monitoring of your activity and purchases through the site but will not stop the analytics code from recognizing your visit.